Damp Proofing Contractor Johannesburg

We specialise in a range of damp-proofing products that are designed to deal with dampness entering buildings from the ground. Dampness can enter the building from the ground in two ways:

  • By wicking up through a wall or solid floor (rising damp).
  • Where a wall has been built against the ground (e.g. when building into a hillside) without adequate damp-proofing (lateral damp)

Often buildings are constructed without effective damp-proofing, due to faulty design or construction. This allows moisture to enter the building, often resulting in decorative spoiling (such as paint blisters or flaking) and an unpleasant "musty" smell.
When this happens, the only effective solution is to create a chemical dpc. This can be achieved by a modern and more efficient method of injecting a cream containing special chemicals into the walls. Dryzone was the first such cream developed for the industry by Safeguard Europe and which is now used in countries worldwide.
A further problem is that of Penetrating Damp where rain penetrates walls through faulty mortar or porous brickwork – a common problem in the Cape where strong, driving winds bring excessive rains. Penetrating Damp can be stopped by water repellants which are usually renewed every 2 - 3 years due to excessive UV attack. Stormdry, however, is a deep penetrating cream which has a guaranteed life span of 20 years.

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